Permanent Residence

A Permanent Resident can live, work and have business without restriction. Usually, Permanent Residence status provides eligibility to access to national health care and other Social Security benefits.

Permanent Residents are the holder of a permanent residency visa and have most of the rights and entitlements of a citizen. Permanent Residents are also eligible to sponsor family members or parents for a permanent visa.

Finally, if you have Permanent Residence status and you satisfy certain residential requirements you may apply for Citizenship:


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Permanent Residence through citizenship-by-investment

Many people don’t know this – but it is possible to buy citizenship in numerous countries across the world.  In the same way and for the same reasons that people diversify their investments, so too do people seek to acquire multiple citizenships.  Additional passports in addition to Permanent Resident status provide security as well as access to various countries visa-free.

Aside from global mobility as a result of visa-free travel to many different countries, citizenship in another country also often provides various other additional benefits such as the ability to bring your family with you, the ability to diversify your investments in another jurisdiction and find new opportunities, consular support when overseas, the right to vote, financial assistance, access to education, and in some cases tax management advantages.